PWM Settings

In the settings page, you can change your PWM subscription, find your wholesale store URL, add/update your wholesale store logo, create/add/update custom product fields and in the help section follow the latest PWM updates and contact CS.

The Subscription Plan

Please upgrade to more features or downgrade your subscription here. Steps:

  • Click on the Change Plan command button.
  • Scroll down through the popup menu and see what options you get with each plan.
  • If you have a discount code, enter it in the Discount field. 
  • Confirm the discount code by pressing the command button Apply. 
  • Click on the Selected Plan.
  • Confirm payment of subscription by pressing on Approve.

Wholesale URL Tab

This is your wholesale store URL that your invited buyers will use to access your wholesale site.

Wholesale Logo

You can add a custom logo to brand your wholesale site here.

Update Product Custom Fields

Product custom fields.


Changelog Update and Contact Customer Support.